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Introducing The New Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 864 9th Edition Compliant Electro Thermal Link
January 2010

In the first quarter of 2010, SR Products launched the UL 864 Amendment 9 Edition Compliant Dual Responsive Electro Thermal Link (ETL).

This latest edition allows wire supervision of the ETL from a UL listed 864, 9th Edition fire panel and assures peace-of-mind on installation and integrity of your system. Compliant with the current edition of NFPA 70 & 72, this ETL can be used to work with virtually any mechanical release system that requires both electronic and thermal activation. This unit also contains integral fail safe alloy construction for direct fire operation.

Listed under part number 165F-40, this ETL is available at standard release temperatures of 165º F [74º C] and 156º F [69º C], with a maximum continuous load rating of 40lbs. Custom temperatures are available upon request, up to 280º F.

For additional information or questions please contact our Sales Department.

ETL Declassified by the D.O.T.
News Release
July 2, 2009
Bay City MI, USA

The United States Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) has officially de-classified the SR Product's Electro Thermal Link (ETL)®.  This means the ETL® is no longer Hazmat listed in any category. From this point forward, the world's most popular Electro Thermal Link® can be delivered through regular shipping channels. There are no restrictions on packaging or shipping for both domestic and international destinations.

The ETL® was previous listed as a 1.4C explosive device.  We have always believed this incredibly fast response Fusible Link was unfairly classified. And, since 9/11, it has become even more difficult to deliver the ETL® to both current and new customers worldwide. Following successful D.O.T. testing at an accredited laboratory, immediate actions were taken to declassify the ETL® so that it can be purchased as a regular Electro Thermal Link.

The impact of this important ruling by the D.O.T will save our customers not only the additional costs incurred when shipping Hazmat, but provide many other shipping options not available under the Hazmat classification.

SR Products Electro Thermal Link ETL Upgrade
March 15, 2009

Underwriters Laboratories (UL File 864 9th Edition) requires that all fire and smoke alarm devices allow electrical supervision of not only the device, but also the corresponding leads. The SR Products Electro Thermal Link (ETL) falls into this category.

Correspondingly, SR Products, LLC is in the process of upgrading the ETL in both temperature ranges (165°F and 69°C) to UL 864 9th Edition standards. As a result, SR Products will only be able to offer the upgraded units following the UL advised testing period of between six to eight weeks. In the meantime, we will have limited availability on the current ETL units until the compliant product is available.

Important Note: The new UL 864 9th Edition requirement only affects the 165°F and 69°C ETL units. For any customers requiring non-UL certified ETL's in temperature ratings above 165°F, we can build existing product according to demand.

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